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...The first thing you`ll immediately notice is that this  new effort features a great sound über  Golem

...The production is very well done as well and makes all  the thing's going on bleed through like they should über Golem

...a sterling production über  Golem

...Jenes Album lebt von einer druckvollen und passend  weichen Produktion...             über Golem

...The sound is really good on this album making the instruments even more brutal than in their previous releases and sounding like if they were going to smash your brain into pieces... über Harmony Dies

...Der Basssound ist völlig geil, wie überhaupt die gesamte  Produktion. Soundforge halt....              über Harmony Dies

...Durch die sehr gute Produktion kommt das Material natürlich verflucht gut zur Geltung und ist dabei        sehr bombastisch und mitreißend.                                                                                                             über Sinners Bleed

...The production courtesy of Andreas couldn't be any  better and compliments the killer material in the best possible way...                                                                                                                                     über Sinners Bleed

It seems like they have their heads on straight about  production and sound, over all tone of the release sound wise, and they are top notch musicians of the highest caliber. über Defeated Sanity